Big Mistake

Big Mistake

By Tessa Blake and Laney Powell

Series: Blue Swan Cove

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Out of the friend zone and into the fire…


Beck’s been my best friend since we were toddlers—she’s like a sister to me, or at least that’s what I’ve always thought. Beck is family, and it’s my job to make sure she’s safe and happy.

But lately when I look at Beck, family’s not what I see. I see someone who makes my pulse race and my body sit up and take notice. I see a woman.

And then we get drunk on a birthday trip, and one thing leads to another …

I don’t know what’s worse: waking up in bed with my best friend, or knowing that, no matter what, we can’t do this again. But I have a feeling I’m about to find out.


Garrett’s been my best friend for as long as I can remember—the next thing to family. Add to that the fact that his relationships last for a few months at best, and he’s the absolute worst boyfriend candidate around.

So why did I just wake up in bed with him?

Garrett says it was just a drunken mistake, and we should go on the way we have been—BFFs and nothing more. And he’s right; we can’t do this again. Our friendship is more important than what we just did.

Isn’t it?

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I seriously was in love with this book by the second page when the totally hot naked guy fell out of bed onto his backside, and it only got better from there. I absolutely LOVED the romance. So many misunderstandings and frustration. So many times I wanted to slap them both upside the head... Honestly though, that's the way it usually is with Tessa's books. Her characters never get everything right or perfect, and how many of us really do?... It was just so heart wrenching and adorable the way they worked out how they felt and what they wanted, and the ending was sooo perfect!
-- Gingerbread
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Yes, it was sometimes frustrating as their communication seemed really bad (after such a long long friendship) but I thought both characters likeable and was rooting for them. It was a very satisfying read!
-- Bookgyrl
I wanted to read just a few chapters to start my day before I went to work. Now I have to be at work in 30 minutes, still haven't showered, but finished the book. It was awesome, gave me the feels and I couldn't put it down once I started. Thank you!
-- Peggy Hale