His Brazen Angel

His Brazen Angel

(part of the Halloween Honeys collaborative series)

By Tessa Blake

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I’m tired of being the cliché glasses-and-ponytail girl who needs a makeover. Halloween seems like the perfect time to debut a new me—one wearing very few clothes and covered in glitter. I may be dressed as an angel, but I’m ready to be very, very bad …

What I didn’t count on was Devlin Cole. He’s sweet, sexy, and so, so serious. I was planning to love him and leave him, but this good-girl-turned bad may have bitten off more than she can chew.

I don’t have time for parties, costumes, or girls. I’ve got grades, sports, and my teaching assistant job to think about, and honestly I’m just fine with that. Then a sexy little angel shows up at my frat’s Halloween costume blow-out, and next thing I know I’m taking her up to my room…

And when I wake up the next morning and realize Alyssa the angel is one of my students? Well, all hell breaks loose. And that’s just the beginning.

It’s October at Oak Ridge University, and the sorority sisters at Mi Alpha Alpha have decided to put on a haunted house as a fundraiser for the Oak Ridge Children’s Hospital. It’s a spooky time of year, but also sexy AF, and these honeys are ready to make some memories that they’ll take to the grave! Find them all here:  mialphaalpha.me


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Wow! This is another good one by Tessa Blake! Talk about your hot "quickie," insta-love type romance that covers all the bases! Especially when this author hits the mark on a very prevalent and current social issue... I'm really loving these amazing "holiday romances" coming from the talented Ms. Blake! They're short, but so sexy and sweet! I'm wondering if she's going to cover all the holidays because if she is, I definitely have some reading to look forward to!😍😊
-- Red Enigma
This is the sweetest and cleanest of the books I have read until now in this series. I liked it very much because it felt so real. The characters are so likeable and they are described as were they living next door to the reader. I loved them. A very sweet TA and a girl that whats to find more in life. Absolutely a short but captivating and mostly enjoyable read; Recommendable to others that like their romances sweet but with a bit more.
-- Laila Viking
Absolutely love this story. Quick ,fun, sexy read with great characters. Alyssa and Devlin reach a surprising happily ever after. Tessa Blake always manages to deliver a great story while leaving her readers craving more.
-- Katalena