Man-Berry Sauce

Man-Berry Sauce

A Second Helpings Short Story

By Tessa Blake

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She’s giving thanks that they’re not together anymore … or is she?

Caleb Wells and I are history. Ancient history.

Sure, I’ve loved him since I was a kid, and we were high-school sweethearts. Whatever. He dumped me with no warning months ago, and I am completely over it—and him.

But breaking up with Caleb doesn’t mean I broke up with his family. I’ve known them my whole life, and when they invite me for Thanksgiving, I know this is one of the few days of the year I won’t be able to avoid Caleb. I should say no, but they’re my family, too, damn it.

I’ll eat some turkey and pie, be civil to my ex, and hightail it home for some wine and Netflix—and maybe a good cry in a hot bath.

I can do this.

How hard can it possibly be?

This is a quick, holiday-themed short story ebook, roughly 40 pages long. It is part of Second Helpings, a series of fun and passionate short story collaborations by different authors sharing a theme of Thanksgiving and second chances. These individual stories are quick reads but their brevity doesn’t lack romance, steam, or that ‘Awww’ feeling when your heart melts. Get the rest by these other incredible authors: Frankie Love, Alexis Adaire, Sierra Hill, Olivia Hawthorne, Laney Powell, Vivian Ward, Derek Masters, Dori Lavelle, Sher Dillard and Tracy Lorraine.

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How can a story this short have me in tears?! Man-Berry Sauce left me with so many emotions. Thankfully the final one was happiness. Caleb & Jenny have an emotional roller coaster of a second chance. Great story.
-- Michelle V.
Not only did Tessa pull at my heartstrings with this couple, but she practically snatched the emotions right from my very being. This little story brought me to tears, and I am in love with Caleb and Jen! When I saw the title, I knew I was in for some crazy chemistry and all the passion, but the depths of emotions really surprised me--in the best way possible. Loved it!😍💕
-- RedEnigma
A short very well written steamy second chance romance. A great storyline and plot. Likeable characters that develops well. A second chance that is sweet, steamy and absolutely amazing. I liked the twist because it felt so real. An amazing short read that is captivating and enjoyable.
-- Laila King