Mr. Slate

Mr. Slate

A Mr. Billionaire Short Story

By Tessa Blake

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The sexy prequel to The Billionaire’s Contract!


I’m not generally about one-night stands, but that changes—fast—when I meet Sunny. The minute I lay eyes on her, I have to have her.

But then she turns up in my office the next day … and she’s not who I thought she was at all.

She hates everything I stand for, and I can’t change who I am. Will that one night together really be the only time we have? Or can I change her mind about me?


I didn’t come to New York for a boyfriend. I came for a purpose: to change the world. And Slate Garrett is not part of that. He can’t be—because he’s the exact thing I came here to fight.

Too bad I don’t know that when I meet him at a club one night and let him have his way with me on a deserted rooftop. Now we’re on opposite sides of a battle I refuse to lose.

And I’m not going to lose my heart, either.

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A one night hook up turns into love and a happily ever after. Sexy scenes without being too graphic. While this is a quick short read, it is a fun glimpse at the back story for The Billionaires Contract (which I now have an overwhelming need to re-read).
-- Katalena
Amazon Reviewer
Great story. Sunny, the born hippie turned polished activist and Slate, the millionaire that shakes her up. Their first meeting is steamy and sensual. Their next, is unexpected and shocks them both as they sit on opposite sides of the discussion. But the situation is more than meets the eye. Eventually, remaining themselves, they find a way to meet in the middle. I have the Billionaires Contract but hadn't read it yet. I'm excited to delve into more of this world.
-- Michelle V.