The Billionaire’s Contract

The Billionaire’s Contract

The Complete Serial

By Tessa Blake

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Investigative reporter Ainsley Dumont has landed the assignment of a lifetime: prove that Rafe Garrett, NYC’s most famous billionaire, is behind the crooked development deal that’s threatening to ruin the careers of some of the country’s top political figures—including the President himself.

Rafe Garrett is a ruthless negotiator, too handsome for his own good, and a man of … particular tastes. But as Ainsley gets closer to Rafe, she learns there is more to him than what the public sees. Much more.

When sparks fly between them, she has to balance her assignment—and her ethics—against the urge to forget who she is and be what Rafe wants. But what Rafe wants is so far outside her experience, she might lose herself.

And when her search for the truth turns dangerously personal, she’s determined to face whatever she finds… no matter what it costs.

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I'll say, without reservation, that this author, and this book, deserves every one of the five stars I finally decided to post. I don't not give credit when something blows me away, and this book absolutely did...Yes, it's a hot, blunt, faintly dirty erotica novel, but it accomplishes all of them in spectacular fashion. The writing is witty, and beautifully smooth. The plot is dark, mysterious, and engaging. And the characters.... The characters were perhaps the most perfect blend of dominant, strong, and vulnerable I've ever seen... Every author out there, every LAST one of them, who works on their dream, and publishes a book despite the self-doubt, frustration, and fear deserves five stars for effort and courage. But only the rare author deserves five stars for what that effort and courage produced. And Tessa Blake is one of them.
-- Gingerbread
I was expecting a basic billionaire romance. A lot of heat, but mostly romance, and it did start out that way. Imagine my surprise when it became a suspense thriller. Wow! The twists that happened. Gasps. Oh nos. That can't be happening. My kind of story. Good thing I got "The Complete Serial" or it would not have been.
-- Pansy
This book held all the elements I look for in a romance novel, a strong female, an equally strong male, steamy sex, and mystery. Tessa Blake made me care about the characters in a short period of time. I loved the banter and strong friendship between Ainsley and her BFF. I also loved that Ainsley was out of her comfort level in this relationship but was confident enough to give it a try and I how Rafe's was not so sure why he was reacting the way he did to Ainsley. I really did not want this novel to end!
-- Kelly