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Resolution: Eating In

A Resolution Pact Novelette
Set in the World Of The Billionaire’s Contract

There’s more to life than eating out…

Claire Warner has not one but four potential New Year’s resolutions: Trying to choose one is making her crazy, but she likes to keep things simple.

But when her boss hooks her up with a gorgeous new apartment–complete with a dream kitchen and a handsome chef to give her cooking lessons–it looks like three of them are sorted pretty neatly.

Claire’s not sure she can trust it–everything is happening so fast. It’s a big leap from single girl heating up cans of soup and eating takeout to … whatever this is that she’s doing with Mason Brody, celebrity chef and star of Knives Out, the cutthroat cooking show.

Mason doesn’t want to take her out; he just wants to take her. And Claire’s about to learn that sure, eating out is great–but eating in can be pretty mind-blowing, too.

Originally published as part of Flirt Club’s Resolution Pact collaborative series!