At Last

At Last

This day has been a long time coming…

By Tessa Blake

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Something old,
Something new,
Will you say “I do”?

After six marriage proposals, one breakup, and two babies, the day is finally here: Jen and Caleb are getting married!

But after they disregard the rule about seeing the bride and instead grab a quickie before the ceremony, their long-awaited day seems to be turning out to be the biggest disaster ever.

Everything that can go wrong does — from missing rings to a dropped cake to the weirdest hokey pokey ever — and the hits just keep coming.

They’ve planned too long and been through too much to let this day get derailed … but Jen’s starting to think maybe there’s something to that old tradition after all.

Please note: This is the third in a trilogy of short stories. You may enjoy it more if you’ve read the earlier adventures of Jen and Caleb in the stories Man-Berry Sauce and Santa’s Helper.

The best-selling authors of Flirt Club are at it again! At Last is part of the Wedding Season, a collection of steamy, sweet novellas. Sixteen couples (including Caleb and Jen) are heading down the aisle! Make sure to collect them all!

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Funny and Sweet! Oh this was so funny and so sweet and so hot! If you have read Tessa's other collaborations, you know Caleb and Jen and all they've been through. They are finally getting married. It's hilarious in that anything that can go wrong for their wedding, does. But in the end, it's that they're together what matters.
-- Marianela Aybar
Amazon Reviewer
Crying - from laughter OMG! What an amazing way to finish Jen and Caleb's story!! I was dying from laughter and how beautifully disastrous their wedding was. But as Jen said, the wedding isn't the marriage. Their marriage is beautiful, steamy, loving and sexy. I've enjoyed riding alone with these two. Their first story had me in tears for them and this one had me in tears (of laughter) with them.
-- Michelle V.
Amazon Reviewer